Let's cut to the chase. The world needs THIS drink.




Because KILLERFISH HOT ENERGY has the perfect balance of complex B vitamins to provide your brain with the "pick-me-up" you need to get through lifes never ending to-do list and still get the most out of your down time.


KILLERFISH HOT ENERGY has a distinct taste with a sweet, fruity flavour that consumers just want to continue drinking.


KILLERFISH HOT ENERGY does not have the bitter aftertaste synonymous with other energy drinks and it is also packaged in a visually appealing brand that consumers can embrace and have fun with.


KILLERFISH HOT ENERGY has the caffeine content equivalent to less than one cup of coffee. The energy boost comes from the intelligent combination of B complex vitamins.


And the best part is that KILLERFISH HOT ENERGY does not include ingredients like Guarana.